Novi MI Dentist on Stopping The Grinding

Do you grind your teeth at night? Odds are if you do, you may not be aware of it. Many patients who first discover they suffer from bruxism, or chronic tooth grinding, is thanks to an appointment they have with their Novi MI dentist.


While this is common, the identification and treatment of bruxism can start at home. That is why today you Novi MI dentist wanted to discuss some of the signs, results and possible treatments for bruxism with you.


The sound of teeth grinding may be enough to wake a loved one or friend sleeping nearby…but can also be identified by the grinder themselves. Look in the mirror to see if your teeth appear physically shorter or if you have lost any of the chewing surfaces of your teeth. If you are suffering from any new jaw clicks or pops, or chronic migraines along with these appearance changes- you could be grinding in your sleep.


If left untreated bruxism can become quite detrimental. From the beginnings of the condition, which is primarily done to subconsciously relieve stress while sleeping, the endings of it could include the loss of teeth or structural and muscular damage. Due to the force being exerted on the teeth, micro-sized cracks can also form, resulting in more “typical” dental issues such as cavities and disease occurring easier as well.


How can bruxism be stopped then? One of the most efficient means can be a nightly worn mouth guard. These “night guards,” much like a regular mouth guard, can help prevent the teeth from making contact and grinding altogether. Other methods include stress management classes, behavioral therapy, massage, and even surgery.


If you fear you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep, discussing your treatment options and being proactive about it with your Novi MI dentist is essential to the well-being of your oral health.


To schedule an appointment at our Novi MI dental office- call today at (248) 624-2701.


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