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Your Novi dental office knows how important your toothbrush is to you. It is one of the first things you say hello to in the morning…one of the last you say goodnight to…and overall; it saves your mouth from lots of potential health issues. Brushing twice daily is one of the essential pillars of an at-home oral health regimen, no matter the brush you have in your holder.


However, we realize that sometimes creating this relationship with a brush in the first place can be quite a challenge. There are so many options out there. Electric…manual…what do you choose? Today, we will be going through the pros and cons of these brushes to help you with your decision.


Those tempted by the original manual toothbrush are done rightfully so. This brush has a lot going for it. Rather it is the hundreds of colors and companies it is available in and from, to its ease of portability and low price tag- manual brushes have been and will continue to be a top choice for years to come. The only real “downside” to committing to this brush comes in the form of effort. If you are not brushing twice daily for at least two minutes per session, without utilizing the proper technique, you could be doing more harm than good.  


In the event that effort and technique may be an issue, the electric option may quickly become your brush of choice. By pretty much just turning the brush on and pointing it in the right direction, you can be gaining a far superior cleaning due to the perfectly moving automatic heads and often found two-minute timers. While you see an increase in ability here, you may see a downfall compared to the manual option due to less customization, higher price tag and lowered ability for easy travel with this brush.


Overall, no matter your brush choice, make sure you are using it properly and twice daily.


For brushing demonstrations, advice, or to schedule an appointment with your Novi dental office, please call us today at (248) 624-2701.


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