Choosing Your Dentist For Invisalign

If you are considering having your teeth straightened, you most likely have considered Invisalign.  If you decide to move forward with this treatment, you will be faced with an important decision: should you go to your dentist or to an orthodontist?  There are a few reasons why you should choose your dentist over an orthodontist.
1. You Already Have A Relationship with Your Novi Dentist
Over the course of the years, you have built a relationship with your dentist.  They are already familiar with working with you, your prior treatments, and your mouth, which could make the entire process more comfortable for you.
2. Your Dentist Has More Experience with Invisalign
Orthodontists spend a lot of time recommending other treatments to their patients, while dentist exclusively offer Invisalign or an equivalent.  Because of this, they are more likely to have more expertise in straightening with the most invisible method available on the market currently, Invisalign.
3. Your Dentist Won’t Try To Change Your Mind
Your dentist wants to make sure that you undergo the easiest orthodontic treatment available.  Your orthodontist, on the other hand, will suggest other treatments, often talking the patient out of getting Invisalign.
4. An Orthodontist Only Thinks About Profit
One reason an orthodontist may recommend other treatments is that the profit margin for this straightening treatment is very low.  Orthodontists make the most profit on traditional metal braces or their rebranded equivalents.  Because of this, they may try to talk to you about different treatments to increase their earnings.
If you are on the fence about who you should go to for your Invisalign treatment, you should make an appointment with your Novi dentist first.  Your dentist should be able to recommend an in-office treatment as well as an orthodontist.  Once you’ve had your free consultation with the recommended orthodontist you can make your decision on who to go to for Invisalign.
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