Novi, MI Dentist Informs Patients of Harmful Myths to Avoid


Whether it’s at home remedies or simple word of mouth, there have been countless myths about dental care that one can never be too sure of. Some of these myths will actually withhold patients from making their check-up appointments! That’s why your Novi, MI dentist wants you to know the hard-hitting facts and what you can do to bust these dental myths:


Crushing Aspirin on Your Teeth Won’t Help!
Actually, the crushed aspirin might only make it worse! When broken, the chemicals within the aspirin will damage the tissue in your mouth. Aspirin is meant to be ingested so the body can break it down so the pain-relieving can begin properly. Your teeth, gums, and mouth are too sensitive to handle the aspirin, so it can easily cause ugly sores in and around your mouth. While the pain might not immediately go away by swallowing it, it won’t bring the possibility of any visible damages to your mouth.


Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Getting Cavities
Adults may even be more likely to get cavities because of the wider range of food and drinks they can ingest. Common bar foods and alcohol like wine and beer have the same effect on your teeth as candies and snacks do on your children’s teeth, if not more aggressive. While it’s extremely important for parents to make sure their children’s dental health is great, it’s equally important to do the same for themselves.


If Your Gums are Bleeding, Don’t Stop Brushing
The bleeding of your gums means that there are food particles and bacteria that are harming your gums and making them bleed. If you stop brushing or lessen the amount that you brush, the bleeding may worsen over time, as will the pain. Brush gently, but thoroughly, to get those tough spots and make them clean. Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you notice the blood because this could be signs of an infection.


Diet Soda is just as Harmful as the Rest
Just because it’s diet doesn’t necessarily make it better. The acidity within the diet soda hasn’t changed, so it’ll do the same kind of damage that a non-diet drink does. If you don’t want to completely stop drinking diet soda, a couple of solutions are cutting back on the amount that you drink and substituting it with water, or even rinse your mouth out with water after each soda to wash out some of the bacteria.


If you have any further thoughts about some questionable myths you’re familiar with, contact your Novi, MI dentist by calling our office at (248) 624-2701. To schedule your check-up appointment, click here!


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