Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can arise and often we are unsure of what we should do. The best way to handle an emergency is to understand what the problem is and how severe the trauma is. Consult with your dentist in Novi NI, your 48377 dentist, should you experience any of the following symptoms.


Possible Dental Emergencies:


      - Toothache

      - Chipped or cracked tooth

      - Tooth that has been knocked out

      - Lost filling

      - Something stuck in tooth or dental appliance

      - Badly bitten tongue or lip




In most cases this doesn’t warrant an immediate rush to the dentist, but it can be quiet discomforting to the patient who is suffering. Call your dentist and discuss the pain level you are feeling. Discuss whether or not you need to come in promptly of if you can wait. In the meantime, you can use an icepack on the sore area of the mouth. You can also take some over-the-counter pain medication to ease some of the discomfort.


Chipped or Cracked Tooth


Depending on the tooth that is damaged will make a difference in the way this kind of emergency is treated. If the tooth is chipped, then you will want to visit the dentist promptly to fix any missing part of the tooth. If it is cracked, a filling, crown, or root canal may be necessary to repair the damage. Call your dentist and explain what happened to discuss the course of action.


Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out


In this situation, you will want to see your dentist immediately, especially if blood is an issue. In some cases, if prompt action is taken, within ten minutes of the tooth coming out, the tooth may have a chance to retake its root. If the tooth is out for a longer period, more than a couple of hours, the chance to re-root is poor.


If you can place the tooth safely back into the hole, do not touch the roots of the tooth, then make your way safely to the closest dentist. If it is not possible to put the tooth back in, you can place the tooth in milk and make your way to the nearest dentist straight away.


Lost Filling


A soft piece of sugarless gum can be placed over the loss of a filling to help protect the area. Call your dentist for their next available appointment.


Something is Stuck in The Tooth or Dental Appliance


Try your best to work the piece of food or item out of your tooth or appliance with the help of a dental tool, such as floss, a tooth pick, or even some hard-running water. If this doesn’t work talk with your dentist.


Badly Bitten Tongue or Lip


Handle any bleeding by pressing down with a clean dry cloth. A covered ice pack can also be used to help handle the pain. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, seek emergency help from a doctor straight away.

The main thing with all these emergency issues is to remain calm and contact your dentist straightaway.

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