Dentist in Novi, MI Discusses Dental Procedures While Breastfeeding

Mothers are often concerned about having dental work done while they are breastfeeding. We’ve put together a resource for you that mothers who are breastfeeding and healthy can follow.
Common Dental Procedures
When numbing agents such as lidocaine are used, mothers don’t need to take any special precautions. These will not affect the breastmilk. Even though Bupivacaine lasts longer than lidocaine, there is still zero effect on the milk. 
All dental materials are also safe for the breastfeeding mother during procedures. If the nursing mother has a tooth removed, there is no reason to interrupt breastfeeding. 
Sedation and Nitrous Oxide
When a mother is given Valium for dental procedures, she can safely resume nursing once she is awake and no longer sedated. In addition, most oral sedation medications are deemed safe to use while breastfeeding.
Nitrous oxide sedation is also considered compatible with breastfeeding. This sedation is almost insoluble in the nursing mother’s bloodstream. It goes from your brain, to your lungs and is exhaled out into the air. 
Diagnostic Tests 
Ultrasounds and X-rays do not affect the mother’s milk. You can continue breastfeeding as normal.
Other Dental Products
Many people also wonder if dental products affect breastfeeding babies in any way. Antiseptic mouthwashes have virtually zero absorption so there is no risk associated with its usage. If you are looking to whiten your teeth, the peroxide compound is absorbed into your tissues and then destroyed. None of that ever reaches to your milk.
While it’s true that breastfeeding and dental work are almost always compatible, it is also important that your dentist knows you are nursing. Keep in mind that you also have the right to refuse any treatment or dental procedure you wish if you feel uncomfortable. If it isn’t an emergency, you could even postpone the treatment for a time when you can prepare some extra milk for your baby. Just keep in mind that postponing treatment does increase the risk of further work in the future. Discuss your concerns with your dentist in Novi, MI so the two of you can work out the best treatment plan possible for your needs.
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