Novi Dental Office on Identifying Gum Disease

Everyone can have their slips into “over-Googling” things…even your Novi dental office. What might start as a slight ache can turn into pages and pages, hours and hours of obsessing over an ailment that usually has zero to do with the original cause or concern.


Without going overboard, one important question your Novi MI dentist thinks you can ask yourself is: “Do I have gum disease?”


Worldwide, the number of people saying “yes” to this very question is astronomical. And the further implications are not too great either. Doctors and researchers have found correlations between the bacteria causing gum disease and causes of heart disease, diabetes and more. So being proactive in identifying gum disease ASAP can be crucial in not only saving your smile- but your life too.


Do your gums bleed easily while brushing or flossing? Even by just touching them?

Are the gums tender, red or swollen? Maybe even receding?

What about your teeth- do they feel unusually loose?


Asking yourself these questions, amongst some of the others that can be found on this website, can help lead you to call your Novi dental office earlier for an exam and treatment. Don’t wait- call our office today at (248) 624-2701 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tariq!


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