Does Whitening Your Smile Hurt Your Teeth?

When it comes to having a beautiful smile, many people are now turning to whitening treatments. A common choice is over-the-counter whitening strips, but are these doing more damage to your teeth than good? Let’s take a look.
Whitening Strips
It’s proven that whitening strips which contain less than 10% carbamide peroxide have shown no signs of damaging the teeth as long as they are used according to the directions. Using products that contain hydrogen peroxide without the guidance of a dentist, could lead to damage to your tooth enamel.
Damaging to the Teeth
While there is no concrete evidence of damage, there are some things that should be addressed.
Always use common sense when using whitening products.
Do not apply products for longer than intended.
Verify with the dentist that the product is safe for use at home.
Start with a dental exam to determine if your teeth can handle whitening.
Stained Teeth
If your lifestyle doesn’t encourage healthy teeth, then using whitening strips won’t help. Smoking and drinking are two habits that can leave your teeth stained and unsightly. In addition, if you eat unhealthy foods containing dyes and acids, you are also at risk for having yellow teeth. 
Your best bet is to start by changing your lifestyle to encourage a more beautiful smile naturally. Whitening strips were designed for maintenance of the teeth and not necessarily a treatment. 
Make sure you are practicing good oral hygiene each day to bring out your best smile. Brush, floss and visit your Novi dentist regularly. If you do decide to purchase an over the counter product, ensure your dentist agrees with the use. It also helps if the ADA has approved the product. The Crest 3D White Whitestrips Glamorous White was the first product that earned an ADA Seal for a safe bleaching product.
Your safest option is to consult with the dentist about in-office treatments. They work faster than Whitestrips do and they are regulated by a professional. Make an appointment today with your Novi dentist to discuss the options available to you. Smile Innovations can be reached at (248) 624-2701, we look forward to hearing from you.
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