Dentist in Novi MI Discusses the Early Signs of Oral Cancer

Oropharyngeal and HPV oral cancers are one of the types of cancers that are detected when they are already on their final stages. Most of the times, health professionals would often have difficulties in recognizing the early symptoms of the said disease.


There are so many apparatuses often used in detecting cancer. They are often recognized through tactile and visual exams given by our dentist in Novi MI. This type of cancer is often curable if found on early stages. It is very important that you undergo all the examinations given to ensure total clearance of any form of cancer.


To know if you are suffering from such disease, here are some of the early signs that you need to know about mouth ulcers:


Signs and Symptoms of HPV and Oral Cancer

· Hoarse voice or a sore throat

· Pain when chewing

· Mouth ulcers or sores that last for more than 2 weeks

· Swelling inside your mouth

· Ear ache that lasts for more than a few days

· Constant coughing

· Numb feeling on your lips or in your mouth

· Swollen tonsils

· Lump around the mouth and throat for over 2 weeks

· Difficulty in swallowing food

· Red, black and white discoloration inside your mouth


How do we get HPV?

HPV is often transmitted sexually. Over the years, people would often get HPV through sexual contact. People who have low immune system have a higher risk of HPV due to constant infections. This also depends on the location of the infection. 


Oral Cancer

Oral cancer often happens due to smoking and alcoholism. People who smoke and drink too much are more at risk of such disease. It can also be due to genetics.


Is there a cure?

At the time being, there is no cure for HPV and oral cancer. However, there are vaccines that people can take to avoid such disease. It's best that you seek a professional help in case you have experienced the symptoms stated above.


Oral cancer is one of the hardest to detect. This disease can be curable. However, it's extremely dangerous if found in the later years. It's best that you seek professional help from our dentist in Novi MI when you are starting to feel the symptoms.

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