Novi MI Dentist on Flossing Technique

Do you floss daily? Better yet- did you know you should be flossing daily?


50% of the patients of your Novi MI dentist, and people worldwide, may know that they should floss daily- but say that they “rarely” or “never” do. We hope you don’t fall into this 50%.


Instead, we hope that you fall into the other half of the statistic- that you are in the 50% that DO floss daily. For even though flossing is often seen as the more “difficult” or “time-consuming” activity compared to brushing, committing to it once daily will save you from facing a lot of other more difficult to treat, time and money consuming oral health issues in the long run.


Instances of tooth decay, gum diseases, tooth loss, structural damage, heart disease and more have all been tied to a lack of flossing throughout the years, and more correlations are being made daily.


Even if you do happen to pull that waxy string between your teeth on a daily basis, making sure you do it properly is important as well. And while you can always ask your Novi MI dentist for a demonstration on proper flossing technique and timing, we thought today we would provide you with a list of some ADA (American Dental Association) approved facts to help you realize if you are Flossing Properly.


For more information on the benefits of flossing properly daily, or to schedule an appointment with your Novi MI dentist- call our office today at (248) 624-2701.


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