You May Think These Foods & Drinks are Helpful, but Your Dentist in Novi MI Wants You to Think Twice


Everyone’s heard the old tale of eating so much candies and chocolates that your teeth fall out. It’s what almost every parent says to help make their lives easier when it comes to dentist visits, as well as their children’s lives, who probably hate going to the dentist anyway. But what some people, adults and kids alike, may not know is that there are foods that are considered “healthy,” but can do just as much damage to your teeth as those candies and chocolates! Your dentist in Novi MI, Dr. Tariq, is here to let patients know about some foods that are considered healthy, but can harm your oral health, as well.


Dark Foods and Drinks
It’s well known that coffee and some teas aren’t healthy for your teeth because they stain the color, but this goes for many other foods and drinks, as well. Sodas are one of the most popular, harmful drinks because of the large amounts of sugar and acidity that each sip holds. These quickly erode your tooth enamel, which protects the surface of your teeth to avoid this issue.


And, while many fruits like blueberries, raspberries and cherries can be good for your diet, they’re dark enough to stain your teeth, too. These colors are being absorbed in your mouth, which makes them more likely to stick around for much longer. Other foods like marinara sauce and soy sauce can easily stain, as well. Think about how difficult it is to get those stains out of your clothes—then think about those stains on your teeth.


Sour & Dried Fruits
Most popular sour fruits like lemons, oranges, limes, grapefruits can be extremely delicious, but also extremely dangerous. Though fresh, the natural acidity in these fruits can break down your tooth enamel faster than you may think. On the other hand, eating dried fruits aren’t going to be too helpful, either. All of the liquid has been taken out of them, which means that they’ve been packed with an enormous amount of sugar concentration to give it a better taste. These dried fruits can stick to your teeth and be a pain to get out, so choose your snacks wisely.


Certain fruit juices and sports drinks that contain fruity flavors contain a large amount of sugar that won’t energize someone, but rather slow them down. If you’re looking for an energy boost, then stick to water—it’s refreshing and will only benefit your health instead of battling against it. If you can’t avoid juice, then make sure to look for juices that have no artificial sugar added.


Talk to your dentist in Novi MI about other foods and drinks that you should avoid if you want to take proper care of your teeth. Contact Dr. Tariq by calling this number (248) 624-2701 or by clicking here to request an appointment today.


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