Novi, MI Dentist Discusses Jaw Pain Caused by Poor Posture

It’s not normal to experience jaw pain and often reveals a deeper indication of dental concern. As you wait to see our Novi dentist, consider what your posture looks like. Studies show that poor posture often leads to lower jaw pain and more frequent headaches.
Posture Affects the Jaw
As you sit, poor posture puts additional stress on the spine. This positioning also leads to excessive wear on the jaw joints. Hunching or slouching over causes your lower jaw to shift forward slightly. When this occurs, your teeth might not fit together correctly. 
It might also lead to the skull shifting further back on the spinal column which often results in headaches. Other concerns caused by poor posture include:
Back pain
Digestion issues
Trouble with the cardiovascular system
Varicose veins
Treatment of Jaw Pain
Aside from making sure that your posture is right, you need to speak with Dr. Tariq about other treatments. Once in our office, you’ll be evaluated for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which you might know as TMJ. Symptoms of this disorder often manifest as:
Pain in the jaw
Back pain
Pain in the temples
Shoulder pain
Stiffness in the neck
Trouble opening or closing the jaw
Trouble with jaw movements during chewing
Ringing in the ears
Popping sound coming from jaw movements
There are times when an oral appliance is recommended. This helps to align the teeth, which results in less facial pain. You’ll want to pair this treatment with improved posture for the best result. In addition, these appliances prevent any future damage from occurring to the teeth.
Another cause of jaw pain is related to stress. If you're feeling stressed, it’s important to find activities that relieve pressure from your life. Try yoga, exercise, meditation, massages or talking to a counselor.
The most important thing you need to do is speak with our Novi MI dentist. Don’t allow the pain to continue without having it checked. Pain might be an indication that something more severe is occurring. Don’t attempt to diagnose issues on your own. In the meantime, make sure you have proper posture to relieve any unnecessary strain.
Give Smile Innovations a call at (248) 624-2701 and see how Dr. Tariq can relieve your jaw pain and more.
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