Dentist in Novi, MI on the Nance Button

The Nance button is one of the unpopular orthodontic accessory that people, particularly your children might need. It is an arch that has a sole purpose of maintaining a space in your mouth. If you happen to have a permanent one, then there is a wire fused to the bands that are concreted on molars. It sole purpose is to hold your molars in place.


One major setback that you will encounter is some difficulty in eating. During this phase, patience will have to be your best friend. Just like other things that is painful, the pain will gradually go off after a couple of days. All you need to do is wait till your tongue adapts to it and your speech will go back to normal.



●     As mentioned earlier, the Nance button can either be temporary and permanent. The temporary Nances can be removed during high intensity activities like playing sports or exercising. It goes otherwise for the permanent Nance, because it is cemented to the molars. Ask your dentist which is the best option that will cater to your needs.



●     Having a Nance puts you at a higher risk of oral bacteria build up. So, it is necessary that you take extra care when it comes to brushing your teeth regularly. Avoid bacteria and food accumulation by proper oral hygiene to avoid irritating your soft tissues.     


Since Nance buttons are designed to be used for prolonged period of time, you will surely encounter some trouble occasionally. For instance, a loose band from one of your molars will start to show up. If you happen to encounter this, all you have to do is push it back in place and see your dentist to have it remodeled. If something prevents you from pushing the band, try moving it upward and downward to slacken the other side. If there is a need to remove the whole button, do it cautiously and set a dental appointment immediately with your Dentist in Novi MI.

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