Novi Dentist Wants All Patients to Benefit from Helpful Oral Hygiene Tips


The month of February raises a lot of awareness for children’s dental care and how important it is to take care of your smile, no matter what age. We want our patients to know these helpful tips provided by your Novi dentist and how your oral health can stay strong.


Stay Stocked!
This is the necessary part of making sure that you’re properly taking care of your smile. This includes having the right amount of toothpaste (one that you’re comfortable with, whether it’s sensitivity based), having the best toothbrush that you prefer in terms of color and grip but one with soft bristles and a small head in order to clean every part of your mouth. Buying a decent amount of these brushes is helpful since it’s best to replace your toothbrush every 3 months since the old bristles aren’t doing the best that they can.


Floss is another important factor that many patients ignore when it comes to their daily oral hygiene. When you brush without flossing, you’re missing a large part of your dental care like the spaces in between your teeth and other hard to reach areas.


Click here for some more tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy! And don’t forget to schedule an appointment by calling your Novi dentist at (248) 624-2701 today.


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