Novi Dentist Address The Ache

Your Novi dentist treats patients for a wide variety of reasons, including a toothache. One of the main causes of teeth ache not only in our office but in the world is due to teeth sensitivity. As much as half of the world’s population is said to have had or currently do suffer with this issue…so what causes it to be so common?


Today we will be looking at some of the causes of teeth sensitivity, as well as ways you can do to potentially solve your pain.


A majority of teeth sensitivity issues can be caused by microscopic holes that form in the teeth. But how do they get there and why? The answer lies in our unhealthy diets.


Over time, exposure to sugars and acids can eat away at the enamel, protective layer, of our teeth. With the enamel gone or thin, these dental detriments can “burrow” their way into the thickness of our teeth, all the way to the center. It is at the center that our teeth have nerves, which should not normally come into contact with anything except the surrounding tooth.


When we take in hot, cold, sweet or sour substances after the erosion, these items can then come into contact with the nerve and cause the stinging ache associated with sensitive teeth.


What can be done to stop the pain then?


Besides putting down that cup of coffee or scoop of ice cream? Well, there are a variety of sensitive teeth related gels and pastes available on the market. What we often see, however, is that these substances merely and temporarily numb the area of pain- and do not really cure it.


One of the best means of coming up with a treatment plan is to call up our Novi dentist office today, to schedule an assessment with our Novi dentists.


You can do so by calling our office today at (248) 624-2701.


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