Novi MI Dentist Provides Easy Tips to Protect Your Smile


There’s never a bad time to get some dental tips from your Novi MI dentist! We want you to keep your smile in top shape at all times, so here are a couple of tips to help our patients protect their teeth whether they’re at home or on-the-go.


Avoid the Overly Crunchy
This includes snacks like almonds and other particularly hard foods. It’s too easy to chip, crack or break your teeth on both foods and inanimate objects, so we suggest avoiding these as best you can. This can also break crowns that have been previously put on teeth. Save yourself the emergency of visiting the hospital or after-hours dentist!


Don’t Ease Up on Dental Care
No matter what age you are, keeping up with your daily dental routine is always necessary. Young adults are more prone to developing oral issues like excessive cavities that turn into gingivitis and gum disease faster than you may think. With a busy lifestyle that young adults can have, school and work combined, their dental health could be the last thing on their mind.


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