Your Novi Dentist Breaks down the Dangers of Drinking One Soda a Day


Here with your Novi dentist, we want to ensure that our patients are receiving the best advice that they can get. Taking care of your teeth is an everyday task like brushing and floss, so we want our patients to have the healthiest smile possible. That’s why we discuss soda and what happens to your health if you only drank this beverage as opposed to water.


Drinking soda is always enjoyable! It’s full of flavor, convenient, and affordable! Unfortunately, there are several consequences that a patient can easily face if they overdo their soda intake. Having a soda once a day may not seem harmful, but if you’re consuming one soda a day that has at least 500 calories, you’re highly likely to gain a pound by the end of the week. In one pound, there are 7,500 calories, so monitoring the amount of soda you drink is going to benefit your overall health.


Not only is your weight a factor, but so is your smile! There are large amounts of sugar and acidity in every soda and when you drink one, it’s coming in immediate contact with your teeth. The surface of your teeth, called the enamel, works to protect the center of each tooth from pain and sensitivity. Every time you eat or drink something, the bacteria and acidity are working to break down this protective surface. If you’re not actively brushing and flossing your teeth every morning and night, your enamel continues to stay weak and won’t properly protect the dentin.


To learn more about protecting your smile from harmful drinks, click here to read this article. Continue to protect your teeth with your Novi dentist by contacting our office to schedule an appointment! Call (248) 624-2701 today.


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