The Future of 3D Printing in Dentistry

Novi, MI Dentist Discusses 3D Printing

Have you ever needed new teeth and waited a week or more with a huge hole in your mouth? It can be embarrassing. Even when you’ve been supplied with a temporary denture, chances are there was a time it was uncomfortable or fell out of your mouth. Thankfully, technology is going to revolutionize the way we deal with replacement teeth. 
What is 3D Printing and What Does it Have to Do with Dentistry?
More than 10 million bridges and crowns have already been printed through this new technology. 3D technology is leading the way to becoming the best way to print replacement parts for almost all health problems imaginable. They are being used as prosthetics, internal splints and more.
Think of this, instead of sitting with gooey materials in your mouth to make a mold, your Novi, MI dentist could just perform a quick scan. That data creates a pattern which will create a perfect fit once printed. In just an hour for a crown, or slightly longer for partial dentures, you can be walking out the door with a new smile.
Some dentists are performing this service in-house while others still have to rely on a local lab. The best part is that this isn’t just for crowns and dentures. It is also valuable when designing implants, veneers and braces.
The Future of 3D Dental Printing
In the future, we are going to have even more options. Consider the way this could turn into dental fashion. Some people may want teeth a certain color or with tattoo-like designs. That’s all possible!
While not 3D printing, technology is offering up some other solutions for us in the future. With the help of stem cell research, it might be possible to regrow our own teeth in the next decade or so. Right now, experiments are being conducted where a tooth can grow outside of the body in just a few weeks. Then, it is implanted right into the jaw. Pretty amazing don’t you think?
I think we can all agree that technology is paving the way for some remarkable advances in the dental field and beyond. Stay in close contact with your Novi, MI dentist to find out what new services and products are being offered as they are available.
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