Novi, MI Dentist Provides Information on Why Fluoride is Helpful for Your Teeth


Have you ever wondered what’s working in your toothpaste that helps protect and strengthen your smile? Although there are many ingredients working in your toothpaste, there’s one important ingredient that’s popularly known to help save your teeth from cavities—fluoride! Your Novi, MI dentist is here to tell you what fluoride is and why it works to help protect your oral health.


To start from the beginning, fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in drinking water and foods, but in a low concentration so it’s safe enough to consume. The reason for this mineral consumption is because there are minerals that coat your tooth enamel in order to protect them. These minerals are naturally created by your saliva but are broken down by the sugar and acidity of the foods and drinks you consume throughout the day. The minerals that are in fluoride help recreate the protective layers on your tooth enamel. Without these minerals, you’re more susceptible to tooth decay.


Since fluoride occurs naturally in drinking water, this is only another reason to drink water! Check your water fluoridation of your town and see if there’s a safe amount of this mineral in your local water. Many children aren’t getting the right amount of fluoride to help their dental care because they may not be using toothpaste that contains fluoride at all.


Besides toothpaste and water, there are mouthwashes that include fluoride. There are also fluoride supplements that can be prescribed by your dentist if you’re not getting enough fluoride intake.


Not only does fluoride protect your teeth from cavities, but it also helps prevent dry mouth or xerostomia. The lack of saliva in your mouth means that there’s a lack of minerals, and if there’s enough fluoride from brushing your teeth or drinking water, you’re able to protect your enamel while also losing the uncomfortable feeling of your dry mouth.


To learn more about fluoride, contact your Novi, MI dentist by calling (248) 624-2701. If you want to make an appointment for your bi-annual check-up, click here to request a time and date!


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