Learn about the Details of Our Dental Lab from Our Dentist in Novi

If you’ve ever had a crown, denture or retainer, you probably have experience with a dental lab and don’t even know it. All of these items are made in a dental laboratory. Here’s what you need to know about the essential role of a dental lab.
What is a Dental Lab Used for?
Dr. Tariq prepare the patient’s teeth and then make a mold or impression. Those instructions are then given to a dental lab on how to make the appropriate appliance or product needed. A dental lab will use the molds to make a model. Then, this model gets turned into your dental need.
Some items that are made in dental labs include:
Space Maintainers
Whitening trays
Implant Crowns
Night guards
Athletic mouth guards
Orthodontic appliances
Sleep apnea device
Anti-snoring devices
Why Doesn’t the Dentist Make These?
Technicians that work in a dental lab need to be highly skilled in numerous fields. Their work is delicate and detailed-oriented. Each state has its own requirements for the educational needs of a lab tech. 
Inside of a lab, there are often technicians that specialize in certain prosthetics. Others take a general approach and work on all things. Besides fabrication, a technician needs to be skilled in many areas.
They must also understand:
Dental anatomy
Infection control
Dental materials
In addition, a technician will need other skills to be good at their jobs. This includes being artistic so that the product looks natural. Patience is also a virtue they must possess. Most prosthetics also involve a high level of attention to detail. Sometimes a technician will want to manage their own laboratory. At that time, they must also incorporate business skills. 
Lab Safety
Many agencies are involved in the certification and regulation of dental laboratories across the nation. The ADA also has a certification that is recognized. All labs are required to follow the FDA’s manufacturing practices.
If you want to know more about the dental lab that is used by your dentist in Novi MI, be sure to ask Dr. Tariq at your next appointment. Then, you can have peace of mind knowing who is creating your dental appliances.
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