Dentist Novi MI Lists Reasons as to Why Your Gums Could be in Pain


Your mouth is a sensitive area of your body that needs special attention every single day. If you’re not properly brushing and flossing twice a day, then you’re putting your oral health at risk for some serious dental issues. One of the warning signs of bad oral hygiene is bleeding gums and your dentist Novi MI location is here to tell you why that may be happening and what patients should be doing to take care of it.


Consider your everyday diet and how that may be affecting your gums. If you’re not taking into consideration what you’re putting in your mouth, then your gums and teeth are constantly suffering. While that doesn’t mean to stop eating what you may thoroughly enjoy, it does mean that you should think about cutting back on the harmful foods and drinks and enjoy more of the beneficial ones. Drinking more water and adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals will not only leave you with more energy, but your teeth may thank you, as well!


Bad habits that include tobacco, the most popular being smoking cigarettes, can quickly and effectively damage your teeth and gums. The suffering begins immediately, where your teeth become discolored and the tobacco clings to your gums, which can quickly cause infections. The best solution is to quit smoking—talk to your dentist about what could happen if you continue this bad habit and how your teeth and gums can suffer.


One of the biggest reasons for bleeding gums is inadequate oral hygiene. Many patients don’t believe that if they skip a brushing session once in a while, then their teeth won’t be greatly affected. What happens when you skip brushing sessions is that you’re allowing the bacteria from the things you’ve eaten or drank, whether it’s from yesterday or the current day, to linger and create more issues than are necessary for your teeth. The more this happens, the more likely your teeth will need extra help from your dentist.


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