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Your dentist in Novi MI truly believes in the transformative power of the smile. By having a smile that you genuinely love and enjoy showing off to the world, you can be gaining all sorts of benefits, externally and internally. We dedicate our professional lives to helping you achieve this goal and wanted to share with you today some of the specific reasons and benefits you should be aware of.


Starting from the external aspects, you always look your best when you are smiling. Showing all of those teeth can display the emotions of confidence, interest, pride, humbleness, as well as being genuinely attractive. Make unspoken connections with someone across the room by shooting a smile their way, or give one to a new customer to display your competence.


Smiling can even help benefit your looks as it relates to the aging process. On average, smiling regularly can help most patients look 5 years younger! How can it do that? A genuine smile, compared to a fake one, works certain muscles in the face that give it a natural life- battling gravity, wrinkles and more of the signs of aging over time.


Turning to the inside, smiling does your body, internally, a world of good. Smiling helps release hormones and endorphins into the bloodstream that can help reduce stress, lessen pain, improve mood and keep the immune system in check. Smile regularly to make sure that when an illness strikes, your systems are relaxed and ready to fight it promptly.


Lastly, and ensuring we don’t miss any clichés- smiling is contagious. You can be even happier knowing that you have passed on all of the above benefits to about 50% of the people you smile at. That’s right, about half of the people you smile at will smile back or go on to smile at others.


For more information on the benefit of smiling, or to learn how your dentist in Novi MI can help you achieve one that you love and that is worth sharing- call our office today at (248) 624-2701.


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