Dentist in Novi MI on Stopping Bad Scents

No one likes to deal with bad breath. Not your dentist in Novi MI…not your spouse or significant other…not your pet or anyone else for that matter. And while bad breath may stem from different causes, such as diet or dehydration, defeating it can come from a mixture of just the right factors as well. That is why today your dentist in Novi MI has provided the following solutions to beat your bad breath!


1.       Drink plenty of water in order to keep saliva producing regularly. Saliva plays an essential role in not only fresh breath but in overall oral health. By drinking water regularly and staying hydrated, your mouth will not only be able to gain the abilities of saliva, but be able to replicate them as well. Wash away any lingering or stuck particles that could cause odor and decay by drinking your recommended (8) 8oz glasses a day.


2.       Add more fruits and vegetables to you diet to not only gain some of their natural fresh scents but to also increase saliva production in the mouth. Many of these very same options also have very high water content, so you will see many of the same benefits as “step 1”- above.


3.       By quitting your smoking or drinking habit, or at least altering it, you can also see your breath improving in quality. Not only do these vices have their own distinct, often unpleasant smells associated with them, but they also can cause mouth dehydration and subsequent odors.


4.       Make sure to brush twice and floss once daily to not only maintain excellent overall oral health but to keep fresh breath flowing. Some of the main causes of bad breath are decay and stuck food particles between the teeth, both of which can be battled with a daily at-home regimen.


5.       No matter how much brushing, flossing, habit or diet adjusting you do- you still need to visit your dentist in Novi MI for twice-yearly teeth cleanings and exams. Our staff can get the bad stuff that you may not be able to reach, out, and can also identify any developing dental issues before they get out of hand. By treating you in these fashions, we are doing all WE can in order to help give you the best breath possible. The rest of the fresh breath test is up to you.


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tariq, call our office today at (248) 624-2701.


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