Overcome Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

Don’t worry, many people fear visiting the dentist office. For some, the mere scent of a dentist office is enough to give them anxiety or nervousness. Dental health is a necessity, so, don’t cancel your routine checkups and cleanings. There is an answer to your dental anxiety. Two words: sedation dentistry. 
Sedation dentistry allows you to slip away while you get a procedure done or even just your teeth cleaned. Depending on what your dentist offers, you can either get partially sedated or fully sedated. In many cases, it may be beneficial for your dentist or doctor to evaluate which type of sedation is best for your level of dental anxiety. 
Partial Sedation 
Partial sedation may be the ideal solution for short procedures such as a cleaning, x-rays or treating a single cavity. Partial sedation allows you to remain awake, but, you aren’t fully capable of processing everything going on around. In most cases, your mind will wander until the sedation wears off, well after the procedure is complete. 
If your dental fear or dental anxiety doesn’t strike until you are actually in the chair, partial sedation may be a suitable choice for the majority of procedures you could need. However, if you are constantly ignoring the voice in the back of your head to cancel your appointment or find yourself commonly giving into this voice… You may want to pursue full sedation. 
Full Sedation  
If your fear of the dentist is beyond simply getting nervous as your appointment time draws near, full sedation may be your best approach to tackling your dental anxiety. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone in your fear. Dental fear is so common today that most dentists offer some form of sedation. 
Full sedation allows you to be completely “knocked out” or asleep during the entirety of your procedure, cleaning or exam. You will simply fall asleep at the beginning of your appointment, and wake up with a better more functional smile!
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