Sedation Dentistry in Novi MI

Countless patients around the world have a fear of visiting the dentist and do all that they can to avoid it! Unfortunately, this hinders their oral and dental health and can give them serious dental issues over time. Sometimes, patients feel like there isn't any solution that will improve their smile, but thankfully, your dentist offers sedation dentistry in Novi MI.


There are different types of sedation, but it's important to call our office and schedule a consultation to learn about the service that we offer and if it's the best and safest for you.


- Nitrous Oxide: Also known as "laughing gas," your dentist will place a mask over your nose that releases nitrous oxide to help your body relax. There are levels of the gas that your dentist will monitor and control that wears off relatively quickly after the mask is removed.


IV Sedation: If a patient feels comfortable with needles, the sedation will be administered through a vein and works faster than the other options. We will be able to control the levels of sedation here, as well.


Oral Sedation: There are different ranges of oral sedation that depends on the fear of the patient. For a minimal amount of sedation, the patient is given a pill that's taken an hour before their appointment in order for it to fully work and cause relaxation. If the patient needs more sedation, a larger dose will be administered which also may cause them to fall asleep during their appointment.


You should be driven to and from the office to ensure your safety, even if you feel comfortable enough to drive.


Call our office at (248) 624-2701 to learn more about our sedation dentistry options. 

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